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  • Solidarity forever. Solidarity means action.

    Debs outside Attorney General’s office: 1921 flickr photo by Washington Area Spark shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license On this day in 1885, Eugene V. Debs was born. If you aren’t familiar with his legacy, Debs was an American socialist, trade unionist, activist, and perennial presidential candidate. You might have heard of him from […]

  • Whiteness, learning, listening (or not)

    Urban renewal planning meeting, 1962 flickr photo by Seattle Municipal Archives shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license 2020, what’s there to say? Last time I wrote here, I discussed moving from talking about being antiracist to actually doing antiracist work. A month later, it’s clear that we need to keep talking about it because […]

  • Stand up, fight back: Moving from words to action

    Two minute warning flickr photo by US Department of State shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license 2020 is halfway over and it’s already been a transformative year of upheaval. It’s hard to remember what January was like – all of the plans I had that have evaporated in the wake of COVID, the on […]

  • Try a Little Tenderness…

    Girl feeding fawn, circa 1930s flickr photo by Seattle Municipal Archives shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license Hello from the pandemic. I’m in the middle of my third week sheltering in place, working from home and juggling childcare responsibilities with my partner also working from home, trying to enrich said child and make sure […]

  • The power is us – on library work, mental health, and unity.

    This week is LIS Mental Health 2020 – you can follow along with #LISMentalHealth. I wasn’t able to participate in the chat the other night, but I have been following along and it’s been enriching to know I’m not alone in my own struggles. I’ve been kicking around this idea, and meant to write a […]