A Day in the Life 6 #libday6

OK. Yesterday was a weird day, but I’m going to share it with all you lovely Library folk as part of the Library Day in the Life Project.
So here it goes!

  • Walk over to the Hilton around 7:15 to get ready for the some TRB committee meetings. Try to scrounge coffee.
  • Attend the Library and Information Science and Technology (LIST) Committee meeting from 8-noon. Wander into the Conduct of Research Meeting as well. Both were interesting, but sort of made me feel like we should do more.
  • Go to a 12:15 meeting for the Metadata Subcommittee. Have an interesting discussion about the challenges of metadata for the transportation community, namely nobody wants to standardize. Some frustration, but no surprises.
  • Run over to a 1:30 poster session to talk about WTKN and network with others. We’re trying to make information easier to access. It’s a long road, unfortunately.
  • Contemplate ditching out and getting dinner but ignoring that and going to a happy hour for young professionals. Lots of energetic discussion about the future of transportation.
  • Headed over to a session about KM efforts from different agencies. It was pretty good.
  • Went over to a poster session, where I ran into a lot of folks from work, and heard about lots of innovative bike things. (GO BIKES!)
  • Around 9:30 decided to head home. A day of 1 cup of coffee and no real food was really taking it’s toll.
  • Walked to get a late dinner and ate in the room. Passed out shortly there after.

These sorts of days are going to kill me, I swear. I can’t wait to get back home and to the library and really get some of this stuff in action.






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