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  • The Future of Handbooks: More about electronic and print resources

      This post started off where I get most of my inspiration: Twitter. After helping a grad student find resources about trip generation in urban areas which included referencing ITE’s Trip Generation Manual, I tweeted: You know what would be awesome? If the @ITEhq Trip Generation Manual was available electronically. Traffic engineers would rejoice! — […]

  • Thoughts from #IDCC14 – Learning new tricks after grad school.

    Librarian searching on the computer, a photo by UWMadArchives on Flickr. One thing that stuck with me from IDCC14 was the issue of training and continuing education for digital curation for people out of school. Mid career, early career, established career professionals could benefit from continuing education in the field. There was a session at […]

  • Working online – Library school, committee work, work work, it’s all the same.

    Today, Drexel (my alma mater), has an interesting post on their einsights blog, where they discuss different issues surrounding online/distance education. Today, they tackle common mistakes online students make and how to avoid them. The mistakes are: Assuming online is easy Poor time management Communication breakdown Not utilizing available resources Not staying connected Taking on […]

  • More on getting hired: It’s not passion, people!

    I’ve confessed to being addicted to HR blogs in the past. One of my favourites, nö, my favourite is The Cynical Girl Laurie Ruettimann. Tonight’s she’s giving a presentation at NC State about getting a job after you graduation. How To Get A Job: It Has Nothing To Do With Passion View more presentations from […]

  • If you want to work in libraries…

    you should look at this presentation by Ned Potter. If you want to work in libraries View more presentations from Ned Potter. Hat tip to Stephen Abram. I especially like the part about factoring the cost of the degree into your decision and recognizing that competition is fierce. (Hey, ALA, stop acting like everybody is […]