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  • Identity crisis? No. Or why I think we need to move beyond “stealth librarianship.”

    a&p DINOSAURS!, originally uploaded by kendrak. This is one of my favourite pictures of my guinea pigs. They’re dressed as dinosaurs, but it’s clear they’re not really reptilian or prehistoric. (Also, I love how you can tell that they’re plotting to kill me in this.) I’m using this picture to illustrate the whole concept of […]

  • Outreach, Marketing, Engagement– The new side of library services?

    Region X Reception, originally uploaded by OR Transportation Research & Education Consortium. This week I was forced to reflect on what I’m doing professionally. I had to write my self-evaluation for my promotion dossier, the first time I’ve been up for promotion… ever. (Why does the word promotion make me think of relegation? I’ve been […]

  • Long live indexing! You still need to to find stuff.

    Music music, originally uploaded by angela marlaud. This is a picture of the library at KALX. It’s my work away from work. Seriously. See that collection? It’s all alphabetized, and that’s it. Finding stuff is easy if you know we have it and what it’s called, thanks to an army of volunteers who spend hours […]

  • Open Access Week isn’t the worldwide party… yet…

    OA cake 3, originally uploaded by Paul Stainthorp. Last week LibPunk Radio discussed Open Access Week as only two people tangentially involved with it all can. I’m sort of ambivalent about the whole thing, but it’s mostly because right now I don’t think libraries are in a position to do much other than talk about […]

  • Transportation Knowledge Network? What’s that?

    Last week was National Library Week. I didn’t really celebrate. (Oddly enough, I’ve never really ever noticed anything like that on campus in my decade here. Dang… I sound old.) Andrew Krzmarzick, the Director of Community Engagement at GovLoop, started a discussion about National Transportation Knowledge Networks. It almost made me weep with joy for […]