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  • Adventures in text mining part 1: Getting started

    Fishing flickr photo by Homini:) shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license Someday I may sit down and write this all out into a good research paper I can shop around to open access academic venues, but I thought it would be cool and possibly helpful to somebody out there to talk about my research […]

  • Confusion Reigns With Open Access Mandates. Thanks, Elsevier.

    flickr photo shared by Ape Lad under a Creative Commons ( BY-NC-ND ) license One of the most tiring problems with Open Access (OA) policies is that the ground keeps shifting making it extremely difficult to be up to date. It’s easy to understand why so many authors (academics and researchers) roll their eyes and […]

  • How can you innovate without research?

      Yesterday I went down to Google HQ to see Secretary Foxx hold a fireside chat with Erich Schmidt to discuss DOT’s new 30-year plan Beyond Traffic.  I’ve never been to an event like this before, and it seemed the audience was industry more than the usual transportation wonks (though we were there).  There was a […]

  • All slow pop songs sound the same? On Fair Use and some such.

    Have you heard Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”? You must have. It’s all over the place. Everybody loves it. (Even if you can’t really dance to it.) Some people pointed out the chorus sounds a lot like another ubiquitous pop song of yesteryear – Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down”. Not sure? check this out: […]

  • The web strikes against SOPA,

    Tomorrow January 18, 2012, the several websites are joining the web strike against SOPA, this site included. As noted last week, the proposed legislation is a terrible idea and a death knell for net neutrality. (Obligatory LSW discussion.) We all need to speak up and not let the system grind us down. Go listen to […]