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  • Not all of us can be the Best: How to measure your impact?

    George Best #1, originally uploaded by sahmeepee. I’m trying to follow Sarah Glassmeyer’s advice and start working my horrible Association Football analogies and metaphors into my library writing. (Soccer to the most of you.) First I wast thinking about spinning Stanley Matthews into one. He was a vegetarian teetotaller and class-act. Instead, I’m going to […]

  • Peformance based tenure – Here’s to good work!

    Today’s AP wire had an article about Ohio State University, the largest university in the country, possibly changing the rules for granting tenure: The leader of the country’s largest university thinks it’s time to re-examine how professors are awarded tenure, a type of job-for-life protection virtually unknown outside academia. Ohio State University President Gordon Gee […]

  • Tenure and Academic Freedom: Times are changing.

    Last week I asked if academic librarians should be faculty. The issue of academic freedom came up, as faculty status (and tenure) should protect librarians. Is that really the case though? Is tenure the only way to achieve that? According to the American Association of University Professors it is. The bottom line is that librarians […]

  • Academic Librarians as Faculty: Why?

    Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with the rights of faculty in terms of layoffs and firing. This is just my opinion about whether or not academic librarians should really be considered faculty. I am not a faculty member. I am not a professor. Most people would never mistake me for one. I mean look […]