7 Things: Making Better Info Pros

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I don’t talk about my job very much because it’s not that interesting, unless you’re into transportation in which case it’s fascinating. (Topics you should avoid around me: parking, air traffic control, bus routes, and traffic congestion.)

Last week at SLA 2009, the Transportation Division launched its new 7 Things, because 23 Things was too many. I say that somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but honestly 23 different things can be overwhelming.

For a while now I’ve tried to encourage my colleagues to engage with these new tools and see the value of using RSS feeds, blogs, and wikis, which has sort of become ubiquitous. Our 7 Things makes it manageable, contextualizes each concept, and gives the support from community which might encourage people who would otherwise find it too difficult. It’s too early to say whether or not our 7 Things will work, but if the response at SLA was indication I am hopeful. I’m also excited that we finally have a platform on which we can discuss how these technologies can impact our workflows.







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