Brace Yourself Anyway You Can

coffee, water, you know, originally uploaded by kendrak.

It’s weird… it seems like something the past few months happened at work, and now I’m at some sort of critical mass where every other day I have a “call.” When you work on national committees and projects, you no longer have meetings, you have calls. Conference calls and teleconferences are the most common form, but I also have those one-on-one scheduled calls. I only really mention this because there seems to be a cliché in Libraryland about how we spend more time in meetings and preparing for them than out. I used to think I bucked that trend, but now I’m not so sure.

I sort of like going to meetings, even though I skipped one this morning for a phone call, because at least I get away from my desk for a while and see other people. With calls you just sit there, staring at the screen. For that reason, I’ve taken to needing pick-me-ups, before, during, and after these calls. Yesterday, it was Go Sailor and a vegan chocolate donut from Pepples Donuts before. During, is usually coffee. After, usually more coffee and music. This time it was Tiger Trap.

It’s sad, but the more I grow as a librarian, the more I depend on coffee. It’s a saviour of many awkward social situations and braces me for pretty much anything.






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