Facebook’s going crazy, and I’m not talking about privacy (really)

It seems a little goofy that in a week where people are deleting their Facebook accounts due to Facebook’s stance on privacy and going rogue. Criticizing Facebook is nothing new, I mean check out the Wikiepedia page. The rumored “Places” feature coming to Facebook is already freaking people out. So people are deleting their accounts in protest/fear/paranoia/annoyance/whatever.
Adam Lisagor summed it up with this tweet:

If “I’m not on Facebook” is the new “I don’t own a television” then yank my ponytail and call me Trevor.

Seriously, in many ways people leaving Facebook are talking about it like people who don’t own televisions.

That’s not why I’m annoyed at Facebook. See that picture? That what I found when I was looking for pages from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. Four different pages! One actually has a decent number of fans, none of them are official. They are Community Pages, that spring up organically based upon people’s interests. It’s clear whatever creates them doesn’t really coordinate and that’s why I keep finding multiples. It’s seems that if there is an official page that it doesn’t get priority over these community pages, which is easily misleading. Of course, that’s not Facebook’s concern but it is mine since I’m supposed to talk to people about it. Unintended consequences or just not caring?






2 responses to “Facebook’s going crazy, and I’m not talking about privacy (really)”

  1. eileen Avatar

    I deleted my account and then Oops! logged in again and unwittingly reactivated it for 2 more weeks. I admit I cannot explain exactly why the Google alerts with my FB activity made me feel so urgently that I needed to skedaddle, but I do feel a weight has been lifted since I quit last week. I also don’t have a television, or a ponytail, but I have plenty of vices.

  2. Kendra Avatar

    I keep thinking about deleting my account, but it has more to do with the fact that Facebook seems to be more just broadcasting and lacking a sense of community. (Maybe I lost that feeling?)

    As for the TV thing… it’s just the people who make a big deal about it (like the Onion article). Sort of like the people who brad about not owning a car/only eating organic food/not liking football/whatever. It’s only an issue when they feel a need to make it. I figure we all have our vices/things that make us itch.

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