Hello Again.

I think I kind of lost steam for blogging because I used Twitter threads to make long points. Twitter made it easier to engage with people who didn’t visit here regularly – which is pretty much most people.

And why would they? The rise of platforms like Twitter and Facebook made it easy for people to share their thoughts and engage. The death of Google Reader also marked the wane RSS feeds.

But Twitter is run by a man stoking the flames of fascism globally now, so I’m off there. Jumping to Mastodon (hello) has made me think about blogging again, and then I came to the TRB Annual Conference and realized this would be a more productive outlet to work through some big thoughts, rather than ranting in a committee meeting.

So in the spirit of one of my favorite albums – Hello, Again.

I’m going to try to post here more regularly, sort of like a semi-public journal to try and figure out a way through the decline of so much. I’ll try to not talk about neoliberalism hollowing out the commons every post, but I can’t guarantee it.






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