Librarians and Pollworkers – Cut from the same cloth.

Yesterday I did the first part of my civic duty for Super Tuesday by attending a poll worker training class. I guess I became a poll worker for the same reason I decided to become a librarian- I like contributing to the public good and I saw something of an age gap. I don’t think the age gap in libraries is quite as extreme as the age gap in poll workers, but there’s definitely a “greying” in both areas.

There were moments that the class seemed to be just like meetings I’ve gone to about technologies in libraries, where it’s hard to determine if the presenter really knows what’s going on and the other participants seem split between confused and bored. It also struck me that there is probably a huge overlap between librarians and poll workers. Both are sort of thankless jobs for the civic minded. Actually, I recognized four other librarians from around town at the class. I wonder if they also complained about the example roster being a page from the real roster? Privacy is always #1!





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