Librarians – Is your job stressful? So what.

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So last week something was going around that libraries were good for a stress free career. The library blogosphere was awash with a mixture of amusement and rage. People rebutted the assertion. There was the #librarystress meme on Twitter, which started off pretty funny… but then people took it seriously.

Well, it looks like Susan Adams’ Forbes list of least stressful jobs also ruffled the academic faculty community, since professors apparently have the least stressful job out there. (Well, compared to the most stressful list, it hardly seems fair.)

Today I came across Lisa Schweitzer’s take on the situation, which is measured and points out that most professions have their perks and poisons. She also brought up the Ajax Dilemma and the question of fairness. It’s not very clear cut, is it?

I’m an academic librarian, and my job can be very stressful but I’m also not in combat. These lists are great link bait and fun to get upset about, but at the end of the day what changes? Nothing. We all have work stress to some degree. How you react is the key I think. To the people who had fun with #librarystress, good on you. To the people who think any of this really matters? Just keep on doing your thing and doing it well.






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