Make your message clear for all or don’t bother.

Euston Square Underground station, originally uploaded by bowroaduk.

Transportation signage is often pretty good because it has to be. People need to get from A to B without crashing or getting lost. Some agencies, like Transport for London and the New York MTA, have really made signage an art form. Here’s an old sign from Euston that’s simple and direct. Love it. (Also love this song “Euston Station” by Betty and the Werewolves.)

Recently I’ve been frustrated way too often with poor communicators. Especially myself. In my head it’s all so clear… but when I try to articulate it to others it all falls apart. It’s really hard to take thoughts from your brain and coherently assemble them for others to enjoy. It’s a skill and an art.

As such… it takes practice. Blogging, tweeting, writing meeting minutes. Whatever. You gotta work at it.

If you want to get started in blogging, read blogs. Why do you like some and not others? Do the authors actually get their point across. Why do you want to do it? I’m assuming for engagement of some kind, and probably a lot of broadcasting. But really… you’re wasting your time if you don’t at least try to reach an audience. (I think Andy Woodworth has some good tips for getting started.)

Remember, you want to make it clear to humans. Humans are ultimately supposed to digest your words and pictures, so make them want to. Don’t go out of your way to freak them out. If you’re having trouble getting your thoughts out, step back and outline or diagram. Be up front you’re struggling, but be open to questions. We’re all struggling and being human.






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