My Library Day in the Life

Me, 28 July 2009
Hi. This is my part of Bobbi Newman’s, aka Librarian By Day, 2nd Annual Library Day in the Life project. (Check out the wiki!) My day isn’t really over yet.

0600 Hear the alarm clock.
0650 Crawl out of bed. Get ready for work and such. Coffee!!!
0750 Walk to work.
0810 Check email and such. Figure out what I’m going to do today.
0900 Work on research project about social networking in transportation research. Answer some reference questions. Try to outline a paper. Email faculty about the upcoming semester.
1200 Lunch at my desk. (Home made sandwich!) Email some more faculty. Get coffee.
1300 Log onto the Ref Desk computer. Decide I’m not going to force the paper this week and finish emailing faculty about course reserves. Start building student collaborative worksite for the new semester.
1515 Panic when I handle the triple threat: chat reference, phone reference, and in-person reference questions collide. We all survived and they got what they needed.
1730 Went back to my office to work on our new site in Drupal. Post this.
1800 Go get dinner and eat it at my desk.
1930 Go to KALX and help process new music for their Music Library. (Basically, label and deface it.) Fun times!
2300 I hope I am home at this point.

That is my day. See why I’m tired. My brain is goo. I think I have too many irons in too many fires and they’re all worthwhile projects. I’m coming to terms with not writing that paper, but I really need to focus on my students.






6 responses to “My Library Day in the Life”

  1. Bobbi Avatar

    LOL I like the “triple threat” I might use it when we finally make the leap to chat reference!

  2. Bobbi Newman Avatar

    hey I just checked the wiki and you’re not on there?

    1. Kendra Avatar

      Just did it! I know, I was slacking there.

  3. Stuart Benjamin Avatar

    Transport Librarian and DJ? I am very envious as I’m only one of those things. Enjoyed your day.

  4. Stuart Benjamin Avatar

    It would help If I’d linked to the right blog wouldn’t it. Been a long day.

  5. jas Avatar

    i enjoy data/records management and am thinking about a career in library and information studies/science. i just read about your hectic day, and have seen other information about career paths/etc with an mls/mlis degree.

    so my question for you is, what masters programs would you recommend? do you think online is the way to go? how long have you been working in this field and how well do you enjoy it? what made you decide on this as a career? i appreciate any info you provide. thanks!

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