My Un-Bio

Colleen Harris, aka WarMaiden, has suggest a meme of unofficial librarian biographies where librarians rewrite their bio to be:

a brief bio of yourself that you sort of wish you could send out, but you know the official venues really prefer the stuffy, boring version of you – stripped of all personality, dressed up in your Sunday best, and trying very hard not to be caught picking your nose or smacking your little brother.

So here it goes:

Kendra (aka kendrak, aka Kendra K)  fell into working with libraries because she was too small to be a contender. Having spent most of her life as a groupie, she realised punk rock doesn’t pay, so she went to school. She spends most days doling out free candy, making “your mom jokes”, and trying to get people to ask her reference questions. School takes up most of her time, but she also dresses her guinea pigs as gladiators and watches them huddle in fear in the corner. She wants to be like Ernie Douglas from My Three Sons.






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  1. Dani Vaughn-Tucker Avatar

    Love your bio…Ernie was great. Too funny.

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