Passive Agressive Shushing

Don’t you hate a loud library? I can’t say I do, as I’m currently listening to Sido at the circulation desk. Wired Campus is reporting of an alarm that will go off when it gets too loud in the library. Behold the Deluxe Yacker Tracker!

  • Perfect for controlling sound levels in libraries and classrooms!
  • Set the dial to the acceptable level of sound and when it goes over, the flashing yellow light gives a warning.
  • When the noise level goes over by 15 decibels, red light and optional siren come on indicating too much noise!

Wow! Instead of telling people to be quiet, you can have a cute, moderately expensive gadget do it for you! It seems that if you want your library to be a quiet one, then you should be willing to ask people to keep it down. Despite the transportation theme of the Deluxe Yacker Tracker, my library probably won’t be purchasing it- we usually have to tell patrons not to quiet each other, as we promote talking and group work.

Via It’s All Good.





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