Potty training yourself at work.

I read a lot of HR blogs. They’re usually pretty interesting and offer a valuable insights about organizational dynamics and how business operate. Today I came across this post from Punk Rock HR entitled, “Hold Your Pee“. Catchy title, eh?

We all have those moments where we speak out of turn, cross some boundaries, offend greater sensibilities, and put our feet in our mouth. (Yeah, both of them!) It’s one of my biggest fears, really. I have such a lousy poker face. Anyhow, Laurie Ruettimann offers this advice:

  • If you can hold your pee (so to speak) for two seconds and get some perspective, you’ll gain a competitive advantage.
  • Learning how to hold your pee takes practice. It takes time.
  • You have no choice but to learn how to hold your pee or get stuck in a perpetual state of emotional adolescence.
  • You aren’t a submissive puppy. You aren’t a cat with a broken brain. Quit peeing on the carpet of life.

Well said. Holding it in will help you act less like a toddler and more like an adult. I really need to start living this advice. Now what about rolling your eyes?






2 responses to “Potty training yourself at work.”

  1. Marie Avatar

    I really like this advice too, thanks for sharing it!

    As far as rolling your eyes… well, it’s OK if you’re on a conference call and no one can see you. 😉

  2. laurie ruettimann Avatar

    Hey thanks for the link and the compliment. 🙂

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