See you at the beach! I mean see you at SLA 2013!

R.L. HUFFSTUTTER 1960, ENSENADA, BAJA by roberthuffstutter
R.L. HUFFSTUTTER 1960, ENSENADA, BAJA, a photo by roberthuffstutter on Flickr.

The week before a a conference is always a tense time. This year is no exception. Preparing for SLA 2013 has been a slog. But it’s what I get for:

  • Being chair of the Transportation Division and making sure our meetings are good to go.
  • Being a Rising Star and all the stuff that goes along with that (such as a ceremony, a panel, and making sure my shirts aren’t too wrinkled).
  • Presenting with with Amy Buckland about hardcore technology.
  • Various committee and social obligations. It’s sort of a Catch 22 – you do stuff and then you get an award that then puts you on the hook to do more stuff. I can’t complain. I’m that kind of person.
  • Lots of work-work stuff, since you know… that’s just always going to be insane.
  • We just bought a house! And are in the middle of painting and moving and all the chaos that ensues. Great timing for huge life events.

So that’s what’s going on with me. How about you? You ready for SLA? I’m not but I will be and I’ll be dressed like a beach bum the entire time. You’ve been warned.






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  1. Andrew Rohne Avatar

    What? No mention of the Open Data SuperPAC? 😉

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