Shifting gears – I need to get back into my librarian headspace

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Wednesday I’m going to Dallas for the first time ever. I’m looking for some Dallas/Fort Worth garage records (like the classic Larry and the Blue Notes’ “Night of the Phantom”), but I probably won’t find any. The Dallas/Fort Worth 60s garage scene is legendary and collectors have already picked it over. Also, I’ll be busy attending the SLA Leadership Summit and probably won’t have the time (or means) to get to a records store. I’ll be kicking it with my partner in crime Chris Zammarelli, making jokes about Heino and John Terry, and getting down to the nuts and bolts of library associations.

So now all my transportation friends are going to get inundated with a stream of super library-centric tweets. I guess it’s fair play after raining #TRBAM tweets down on all of my library followers. Though I have to say, one thing I love about SLA Leadership (other than the very intimate size) is that the focus is not on libraries, but rather how to be a leader and how to make organizations function. That’s the sort of broad thinking that helps SLA directly, but also MPOW, and pretty much every committee I come in contact with. (Kids, you know you’re an adult when you sit on multiple committees. Adults love committees.)

The thing is though, my head is still stuck in TRB “transportation all the time” mode. This is great for getting a lot of my work done, but it’s not effective for SLA. It’s also good to keep both halves of this chimera involved because, you know… I’m a librarian. I might not look like this woman in the picture, but we are cut from the same cloth. (OK, but I’ve never worked in a prison or old fashion boys school. I did have that style of Steelcase desk before we moved into cubes.)






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    I cannot get over how much Andre Rieu looks like Joe Biden.

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