Tag: Library 2.0

  • Where’s the time for 2.0?

    Michael Sauers, The Travelin’ Librarian, has an interesting post today about 2.0 and staff workloads. Maybe at an institutional level adding the new social tools onto an already overloaded workflow isn’t the answer. Granted, I firmly believe that some of the new tools can be integrated successfully and streamline the existing workflow, but what about […]

  • Life 2.0

    There was a discussion last week on the SLA Transportation Division’s listserve about everybody’s favourite virtual envrionment: Second Life. The discussion was prompted by a webinar for the transportation community that showed how Second Life can be used to help people access information from around the world. I’ll admit I was a little biased before […]

  • IM me for some service.

    LIS News has linked to a story about Cal State Fullerton’s use of Meebo for chat reference. Chat reference seems to be so hot these days that for many library folks it’s a forgone conclusion. At Internet Librarian, there were many references to people using Meebo widgets to communicate with their patrons. I know if […]

  • Library 2.0 Weltschmerz

    Laura Cohen at Library 2.0 has a nice post about whether or not Library 2.0 is snake oil or a new direction. She’s more circumspect about it than I could be, and it’s nice to read a moderate examination of the topic. This following passage really stuck with me: I would love to see design […]