IM me for some service.

LIS News has linked to a story about Cal State Fullerton’s use of Meebo for chat reference. Chat reference seems to be so hot these days that for many library folks it’s a forgone conclusion. At Internet Librarian, there were many references to people using Meebo widgets to communicate with their patrons. I know if my current redesign of my library’s website, we’re using a Meebo widget to hang with the cool kids and to see if people will actually use it.

Of course we haven’t actually gone live, but I have hope. I sort of wish we would use instant messaging more between staff members. If I have a quick question about serials, it’s be just as easy to IM our serials manager the question (and probably easier to articulate) than a phone call. Maybe the chat reference can start that off around here, though some how I doubt it.





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