Tweetable RDA Rules

Confession: I think we need to think beyond catalogs and cataloging. So I get tired when people try to get me to care about RDA but use super old school cataloging terms, talking about obstacles for their workflow and not focusing on how it’s going to impact users or why we should care. That’s not selling the message.

Listening to a lot of people, it seems like RDA will either destroy catalogs or turn them into magical rainbow fountains. It probably won’t do either. That’s fine.

So I asked my good friend and resident cataloging guru Chris Zammarelli do explain it to me like a human. He came up with the tweetable RDA rules:


I turned these in to a slap dash zine made out of old shelf-list cards.

tweetable RDA rules by chris zammarelli
don't abbreviate
transcribe book info as is
add $e job title to 1xx/7xx fields
copy someone else's 336-8 fields

I’ll probably give these another go when I am at home and have gauche.






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