Worried about access to grey literature? We got your back!

Today was a long, strange trip at the TRB Annual Meeting. Lots of meetings. All day meetings. I need to figure out why I am such a sucker and always end up in meetings. No cool sessions. Just meetings. Blech. (Though I did make it to the YPT tweet-up, which was fun.)

Perhaps the best thing that happened all day was a compliment I got from some of the grad students at my work.

“You got our back.”

Remember how I talked about conference proceedings on CDs/DVDs, and the issues of access? And how TRB was moving to on-line only access? Well, the students were concerned. “We only get access for one year! Does that mean, they’re gone forever?”

“Don’t worry, we talked to them and they gave us two copies on disk.”

Yeah. We’re relatively lucky because we found out early enough that we would have to ask for a special disk-version. I worry about the rest of the researchers who didn’t know to ask.

The students continued, “They acted like we only needed them for a short period of time. They don’t know we still use them from the 80s?”

Nope, but I can’t totally fault them for that. They’re not the users, how could they know?

Well, transportation kids, we got your back. We’re fighting to make sure you have access to the information you need.






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