Cynics in Libraries, or how I grew up.

Did you know the #slaname debate is still raging? OK, that might not be the best word, but it’s still going on. There is still some chatter in the LSW FriendFeed room. I am pretty much over the whole thing. Not SLA, but the debate and the name. I don’t think there’s going to be any major changes because of it.

Leadership could have done a better job presenting the research to the membership. Some members overreacted. It was nice to have some SLA leaders take the time to help me, as an academic librarian, see how I fit into this new alignment, but why wasn’t it readily obvious?

The point of this post is that at one point, I lost a little respect for a lot of people along the way. I mentioned this to one of my colleagues, and he said essentially that I’ve grown up and that I’m really done with library school now. I guess he’s right?

Oh, and Internet Librarian has been lots of fun, I’ll post about it later.





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