Tag: alignment

  • The tension between “memory” and “complacency”

    Disclosure: I will own up to my deep seeded worries (perhaps paranoia) that libraries are in a vulnerable situation and we need to assert ourselves back in relevancy, particularly for special libraries. It’s not so much justification, but more of a reminder of our value and aligning (yes, that word) our message with that of […]

  • Polls are Open! Vote for SLA or ASKP

    Today is first day of voting much anticipated SLA name change. Have you voted yet? Polls close December 9 and the results will be announced on December 10. I blogged my initial thoughts on “Association of Knowledge Professionals” a month ago when it was announced. SLA leadership has since abandoned the ASKPro branding because, well, […]

  • Cynics in Libraries, or how I grew up.

    Did you know the #slaname debate is still raging? OK, that might not be the best word, but it’s still going on. There is still some chatter in the LSW FriendFeed room. I am pretty much over the whole thing. Not SLA, but the debate and the name. I don’t think there’s going to be […]